Comprehensive Delivery Services Designed Around You

There is a reason IntelliQuick delivers faster, better, and smarter than anyone else. We have the resources, routes, and reliability to engineer solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of any business – especially yours. We streamline your delivery for optimal efficiency using advanced technology, leading process management tools, real time tracking and secure Chain of Custody protocol. Our vast fleet of trucks, vans and delivery vehicles ensures the right asset for the job, large or small. Our experienced, professional, uniformed drivers prioritize customer service, and our decades of experience assure the safe, secure and reliable delivery of your shipment, on time, every time, no matter what.

 Just the Facts

In just 15 years, IntelliQuick Delivery has become the largest independent delivery/courier service in Arizona. With more than 250 uniformed and credentialed delivery driver agents and a national affiliated network, IQ is able to offer fulfillment of any local delivery or logistics need in the Southwestern U.S. with warehouse, fulfillment and cross docking operations in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas and Denver.

Weather and Service Alerts

No Weather or Service Alerts at this time.  Please call Customer Care at 602-224-0033, or Email for assistance.  Thank you for being an IQ Customer!