The mega online retailer is now expanding its same day delivery service to a total of 27 US metro areas. So far, the majority of the eligible cities are on the east and west coasts, with the interior of America sure to follow as the network of couriers expands. Thankfully, Arizonans in the Phoenix Metro area and Tucson are not left out. With Amazon reaching out to renowned local couriers like IntelliQuick Delivery, same day delivery could become the standard one day.

While Walmart is the king of brick and mortar retail, Amazon is the undisputed king of online shopping. While it began as a simple online bookstore, it steadily increased its offerings to physical and digital media. Today, Amazon sells practically everything. From toilet paper to television sets, people around the world expect to be able to go to Amazon’s website and find whatever they may need and have it shipped directly to their door. The company has not rested on its laurels when it comes to delivering your packages either. In 2005, Amazon launched ‘Amazon Prime’, a subscription service that made two day shipping free, and one day shipping more affordable for eligible items. You also get access to streaming movie and television content, and all for an annual fee of just $99.
Logistical Growing Pains
The service, while great in theory, had some holes in it from the very beginning. Not all items can qualify for the service. Even for those items that are eligible, not all customers live in areas where Amazon’s existing delivery routes would be compatible. America is a large land mass, and Amazon cannot possibly solve the problems of fast yet affordable package delivery on its own. To make it even more difficult, Amazon has expanded shipping to include same day deliveries.
IntelliQuick Delivery is Held to Incredibly High Standards by Itself and Amazon
If you are an Amazon Prime customer in the Valley, there is a very good chance your package is being delivered by IntelliQuick Delivery. It is important to note that IntelliQuick Delivery is contractually obligated to meet Amazon’s quality standards. These standards govern everything from the vehicles the drivers operate to software the dispatchers use. These strategic partnerships allow Amazon to gain all the benefits of growing without actually having to make all of the massive investments in infrastructure that would otherwise have to be made. When you see a company like Amazon entrust its products, customers, and reputation to a company like IntelliQuick Delivery for an ambitious endeavor such as same day internet deliveries, it means that courier already had a world class delivery system in place that impressed one of the leading companies in the world today.
Furthermore, Amazon awards more work to common couriers who maintain the highest performance standards, so there is incentive to not become complacent. You can look forward to continued expansion of speedy delivery service without a drop off in quality, guaranteed.