The large national carriers have quite the mindshare with the general public, but increasingly, regional carriers are rising in importance in the shipping industry. With the explosive growth of e-commerce, the need for more carriers has only increased and will continue doing so for the foreseeable future. IntelliQuick Delivery quickly rose to the very top of the western carrier industry by delivering customer satisfaction along with parcels to its B2B and B2C clients in states like Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado. But just who are they?

A Brief IQ Delivery History Lesson…
Established in the year of 1998, IntelliQuick Delivery set out to change the game in the Southwestern delivery service industry. First Keith bought out Jet Delivery. Very soon, Keith would merge Jet Delivery with Connection Courier and grow the personnel to approximately 80 members – 60 of those being out in the field on delivery routes.
With the name of the company being changed in 2002 to IntelliQuick Delivery, the company steadily yet ambitiously expanded its reach to cities such as Reno, Denver, and Salt Lake City. Finally reaching nearly 400 in personnel, no other regional courier has the western region covered like IQ does. Not even a down economy could slow IntelliQuick’s growth. As a matter of fact, it is in the era of the unstable economy that IntelliQuick continued to grow and seize new opportunities in the delivery space. The opportunities include regional delivery, same day, next day priority deliveries, 1 hour rush, regular route services, next flight out, medical stats and routines, time scheduled pickups, and airport tenders/recoveries. They knew their smaller size was an asset so they set out to be faster, better and smarter than the competition. In doing so, they also became more efficient.

What the Regional Carriers Bring to the Table…
The most obvious advantage to utilizing a smaller carrier is the lower cost that is often available. Carriers in this class tend to offer lower freight rates than the national companies. The savings to the consumer can be somewhere between 15 and 30 percent! Companies like IntelliQuick are more eager to give value with their service, so expect fewer fees and surcharges than you get with the nationals.
It isn’t all just about the prices. Choosing an elite regional carrier like IQ Delivery can mean the possibility of even faster deliveries. When the national carrier says a same day delivery is impossible, IntelliQuick is busy finding a way to make it happen with a next level mastery of local logistics. Need someone to go the extra mile when delivering your parcels? IQ Delivery can also offer extras like signature requirements, multiple delivery attempts, and on-call pickups.

IntelliQuick Delivery is never complacent. Having come from such humble beginnings and now growing into the role of a major player in the regional scene, IQ Delivery understands that the flexibility is crucial to succeeding and thriving in an ever changing landscape. You can look forward to the addition of new service offerings to enhance the delivery experience.