IntelliQuick Medical Courier

IntelliQuick Medical Courier Specialists are trained and certified to the highest regulatory standards in the secure handling and transportation of blood, tissues, other medical specimens, medical supplies, patient information and pharmaceuticals. IQ Medical Courier and Delivery service is fully HIPAA, DOT and OSHA compliant.

Real-Time Online Tracking
Every event in the medical delivery, from pick up to recipient signature capture. Just log on and see the status of each of your medical deliveries in real time.
Highest Levels of Technology with Advanced Technology
Every IQ Medical Courier is equipped with Motorola’s state-of-the-art enterprise digital assistant, combining a cell phone, two-way radio, bar code scanner, digital camera and mobile computer — all in a single device
Secure Cold Chain of Custody
Protocol means all IntelliQuick Medical Couriers carry up to three (3) dedicated coolers to preserve optimum integrity for room temperature, refrigerated and/or frozen specimens and a fourth keep-clean cooler for non-biohazard, keep-cool deliveries.
Customized, Integrated Technology
Our commitment to investing in technology adds value to our services and reduces your costs. It increases our efficiency and bolsters our reliability. By automating manual processes, we eliminate costly errors and streamline operations. That’s faster, better, smarter Last Mile solutions.

Choose the Level of Guaranteed Delivery Service That Best Meets Your Needs:

Delivered in 2 hours or less
Pick-up within 30 minutes and delivered Dedicated Direct
Our most cost-efficient direct medical delivery
Local deliveries that require regular daily, twice or three times daily distribution– a significant cost-saving option.
Routed Plus
Local deliveries that require regular daily distribution at a specific time set by you.

Other medical delivery services include:

  • Medical devices, X-ray and emergency equipment
  • Medical supplies and equipment delivery to private residences and health care facilities
  • Confidential patient information
IQ Guarantee
Specimens, pharmaceuticals, durable medical goods and supplies will be delivered on time, in proper condition and precisely documented.

For Medical Deliveries in (all markets)
Call one of our Medical Delivery Customer Service Specialists to discuss how IQ can work for you to deliver everything vital to patient care—on time, every time.