Twice Daily Routed

IntelliQuick can reduce your delivery costs by routing continual, repetitive, multiple local deliveries that require daily or twice daily local distribution. Route Service provides a significant cost-saving option. Call today for costs as low as $3 per piece!

TwiceDaily-BodyRouted deliveries can include: bank deposits, mail pickups, inter-office paperwork, and delivery of payroll, auto parts, medical supplies, prescriptions, office supplies or whatever you can think of that requires repetitive local deliveries, at a specified date and time, set by you. We offer scheduled routing service on a 24-hour basis throughout Arizona. With more than 50 years experience making local deliveries on-time throughout the Southwest, IntelliQuick has the dedicated routes, efficient delivery vehicles, experienced delivery driver agents and logistics technology to meet your critical scheduled local delivery and pick-up for less money than you’re paying now to do it yourself.